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[Magyar változat]


Dear Visitor!


Welcome to my homepage wherever you come from!


This homepage basically contains aerial photographs from Hungary's places of interest and in some cases from uninteresting places too all those who already knows this country or not yet.

The photograph's on this page are not intended to be professional in quality because initially I have made them  for my personal use only. Later I have changed my mind and I thought it was worth to share with others. That time I decided to make a homepage for them. And here it is. It is not perfect, I am often fine tuning the structure and the layout, but  updating it too. It is far from a professional homepage but  it works and this is the main point.

Most of the pictures have been made from behind the windshield usually not under the ideal weather condition. If you find some of them being in a bad shape, than this is a reason and there is an other one: I am not flying to take photos, I am taking photos because I am flying. Sometimes even you can discover some mirroring too. Never mind, that makes them unique.

The sizes of the photographs are reduced because of the storage limitation set by the host. I think the relatively small resolution, does not bother those, who find a picture of a familiar  landscape or a house of his/her own.

If you have an opinion or not and it is good or bad you can share it with me here. I am glad and I can accept all of the feedback. I am trying to answer all of the questions and fulfil all of the request.

In case you find any problem concerning the photos, the labelling, or the names are displayed incorrectly, please do not hesitate to contact me, you are more than welcome with your remarks (not to even mention if a dead link is found).

Some information  about myself. I think it is quite obvious for every visitor, that I am not a professional photographer  and also not a good  webmaster? I am an aviator who is trying to share his visual experiences with those who can rarely see my country from this (aerial) perspective.


I  hope it was worth all the efforts I have invested in this homepage.

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Tóth Géza


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